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Summer Camps 2024

By Writers, For Writers

Welcome to the Young Writers Club, a place where writers come to learn, grow, and share the joys of storytelling. This summer we will be hosting small-group-oriented, half-day afternoon camps geared toward enhancing the fun of writing for 6th- through 9th-graders of all skill-levels.


See below for further details and information about the camps and the Club.

Still have questions? Contact us at


The WIBNI Story

Wouldn’t it be neat if…? A question that sets off fireworks in the mind of a storyteller! A phrase bursting with possibility! An acronym that is fun to say! At the WIBNI Club, we ask ourselves and each other WIBNI (Wouldn’t It Be Neat If) questions to help inspire and guide creativity. It’s a helpful shorthand, and we think it’s going to catch on!

About the Camp

WIBNI’s Young Writers Camp is a place where young writers get together to enjoy fun exercises, inspiring lessons, silly games, exciting projects and more. We take a low-pressure, process-oriented approach to writing and storytelling with an emphasis on inspiration, learning, and fun.


This camp is for kids who love to write. We will be spending our time indoors with pencils, paper, and the immeasurably vast playground of imagination. If that sounds like your young writer’s idea of fun, then this camp is for them!


And of course, all skill levels are welcome!


About the Director

My name is Tatjana Mutinelli, a local professional with a lifelong love of writing. Growing up, I was fortunate to enjoy the mentorship of many wonderful professionals, from novelists and editors to screen- and playwrights and a graphic novel illustrator. As an adult, I have enjoyed stepping into the role of mentor myself.


My dream of creating a summer camp for young writers was born of my passion for writing and my many fond memories of summer camps, as both a camper and a counselor. I asked myself a WIBNI question (see above) and imagined what an amazing writing camp would have looked like to me as a young writer. As a result, this program is designed to bring together the best experiences of my learning career and combine them into something special. It’s the summer camp I longed for as a kid, and I’m confident it’s the summer camp any young writer will love.

A Brief Bio ~ Tatjana Mutinelli was born and raised in Santa Barbara. She is a published young adult fantasy author and winner of the national Young Playwrights competition in 2011. In 2014, she graduated from Westmont College with a Batchelor's degree in Psychology. She currently leads a Sunday School group at her church, and enjoys spending time with her husband Daniel and their two adorable but mischievous pet rats, Tertius and Baruch.

Piles of Books

Camp Information

When do camps start and end?

Camps run Monday – Friday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

What dates are available to sign up?

June 24-28 - 8th/9th grade

July 8-12 - 6th/7th grade

How much does a camp week cost?

Camp weeks are $250. Limited scholarships are available. Reach out to for more information.

Where will the young writers meet?

We are located at the Young Singers Club location near San Marcos High School.

Who is the club for?

Young writers aged 11-15 who love to write.

How many young writers will attend?

Each camp week will accommodate no more than 7 young writers so that each writer can have the time and attention as well as the small-group experience we are aiming to provide.

How do I register my young writer?

Complete the form in the Sign Up section below and submit payment in full using the Venmo code. Don’t have Venmo? Reach out to to arrange an alternative payment method.

Writing Paper

Sign Up

To register, complete the sign up form and click submit.


Thanks for submitting!

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